FUNDES is a private, non-profit, pioneering and leading organization with 25 years of experience in strengthening and developing micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME’s) in Latin America, thus contributing to sustainable development in the region.

FUNDES constitutes a network of practical experience and knowledge, with a presence in 10 countries in the region; with a staff of 175 skilled and highly qualified professionals and more than 450 external consultants, consolidating a key group with multi-thematic and multi-sector capabilities. 

FUNDES promotes the competitive development of MSMEs in Latin America using a systemic approach which seeks to maximize impact on employment conservation and generation and within this framework, FUNDES is promoting the development of projects with the potential to include low-income people. 

Market mechanisms used by FUNDES include "Suppliers and Distributors Development Programs" and "Inclusive Businesses Models,” as well as "Sector Development Programs," and “The Creation of Shared Values” which are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the MSME sector as a whole. 

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