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Inclusive Growth

Bloomberg New Economy Forum

November 06 - 07
Real conversations catalyze real change.

Established in 2018 by Michael Bloomber, the New Economy Form seeks to build a community of leaders to engage in real conversations--leading to actionable solutions--about the critical challenges facing a world economy in the throes of a historic transition. The inagural forum will be held in Singapore on November 06-08, 2018, and will cover a range of topics, including global economic management, trade and investment, technology, urbanization, captial markets, climate change, and inclusion. 

Mike Bloomberg, the Founder of Bloomber L.P., intends to bring to the forum the same pragmatic approach to problem-solving that marked his tenure as the three-term Mayor of New York City.

All participants will be encouraged to contribute their ideas. Using media technology, we will open the floor to global debate. And we will hear the voices of youth.