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Knowledge Diffusion in the Network of International Business Travel

By Michele Coscia, Frank Neffke, and Ricardo Hausmann

Mastercard has provided the Harvard researchers with controlled access to anonymized and aggregated data, subject to strict privacy and confidentiality safeguards, for academic research purposes only.  To the extent the Harvard researchers have combined Mastercard data with any other data set, such combinations were made on aggregated data only.  The Mastercard anonymized and aggregated data is in no way representative of the operational or financial performance of Mastercard or any other entity such as a payment card issuer or merchant.

This archive contains the processed business travel network as shown in Fig. 1, countries’ trade profiles as well as the number of establishments, employment and estimated productivity by industry and country.  Only datasets 1 and 2 are based on Mastercard’s anonymized and aggregated data.

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