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Mastercard Impact Fund

In 2018, the company established the Mastercard Impact Fund, an independently directed 501(c)(3) tax-exempt private foundation, which is administered by the Center. As of December 2022, the Fund has committed more than $320 million in grants to 172 organizations. These programs have enabled 5.5 million people and 25 million small businesses in 97 countries to access financial services, tools and other support.


In furtherance of its charitable purpose to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth and financial inclusion, its activities are primarily focused in three key areas:


Financial security

Increase the financial security and economic mobility of individuals and workers

Small business

Small business

Improve the financial resilience and growth of micro and small businesses

Impact data

Impact data science

Build capacity of nonprofits and governments to use data science to drive equitable outcomes

In addition to these focus areas, the Fund also supports Mastercard’s employee matching gift program and employee dependent scholarship program, as permitted by the IRS.

The Fund is required by law to report its itemized charitable giving (recipient, purpose, amount) in annual, public IRS form 990-PF tax filings. These filings cover charitable activities of the Fund only and do not represent Mastercard’s charitable giving enterprisewide.

Mastercard Impact Fund Tax Filings
2021 IRS Form 990-PF
2020 IRS Form 990-PF
2019 IRS Form 990-PF
2018 IRS Form 990-PF

Shamina Singh, Founder and President

Remember this rule of thumb: If you want to go wide, go with government. If you want to go deep, go with NGOs and academic institutions. If you want to go fast, go with the private sector. And if you want to go far, you must go together.

Shamina Singh, Founder and President,
Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

For fuller coverage of Mastercard’s social impact efforts and charitable giving, including financial, talent and data philanthropy, please consult the annual Mastercard Corporate Sustainability Report.

Mastercard Corporate Sustainability Report

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