Jia Fan


Strive, China

Jia Fan is the analyst for the China flagship program, called Strive China. Jia will lead this collaboration in China that will provide 2 million small businesses with the skills, tools and services they need to succeed. Strive China is both our first programmatic intervention in China and our first time aligning with Start Path.

Based in Beijing, Jia joins the program team and will engage with partners, such as The Asia Foundation, fintech investors, and fintechs that provide solutions tailored for small businesses. Jia will liaise closely with the business to ensure alignment in government messaging and public communications.

Prior to joining the Center for Inclusive Growth, Jia worked in the China Market Entry program management team and in the account management team for northern part of China at Mastercard. Prior to Mastercard, Jia was a consultant at the United Nations and designed long-term, programmatic and sequenced approaches to municipal asset management in Uganda, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tanzania. Jia also evaluated the impact of donor-funded projects, assessing the sustainability and effective management of local assets.

Jia earned a Master of Public Administration from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York City and a Master of Economics from Renmin University in Beijing. She is now a CFA level 3 candidate. Jia also enjoys travelling, singing, and playing piano during her leisure time.