Meredith Leston

Senior Analyst

Global Programs

Meredith has worked on social impact through a variety of platforms including government, international relations, advocacy and consultancy. Her love of scaling impactful initiatives began as a student at Oxford University where she founded and grew the mental health awareness initiative ‘Meeting of Minds’ across U.K universities.

The success of this initiative earned her the Prime Ministerial ‘Point of Light’ award for excellence in advocacy and volunteering and the opportunity to consult then Minister for Health, Jeremy Hunt, on student-specific mental health policy. Since this time, she has gone on to hold positions at Human Rights Watch, The Liberal Democrats and Womankind Worldwide before moving to the private sector to work within innovation and change management.

Prior to joining the Center for Inclusive Growth, Meredith balanced working as an emergent technology consultant with directing the culture change management consultancy, Serenity in Leadership. Her work incorporating advanced data analytics into HR reporting tools was most recently recognized by her nomination for The Future Stars of Tech’s Diversity Advocate Award.

Meredith holds both a First Class Bachelor’s degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University and a Masters in Public Health from Imperial College, London.