Valerie de la Fuente

Managing Consultant

Mastercard Strive Mexico

Valerie de la Fuente, a managing consultant with Mastercard in Mexico, will be leading the Center's work with Mastercard Strive Mexico.

With Advisors, she has led projects with major Banks and fintechs in Mexico and Central America, including the implementation of the Partnership for Central America initiative that seeks to promote financial inclusion for 5 million people and 1 million MSMEs. Prior to joining Mastercard, she worked at Euromonitor Chicago as a consultant for Latin America specializing in financial services.

Previously, Valerie worked at the Mexican Ministry of Finance and at the National Banking and Securities Commission. As Director of Access to Financial Services, she was part of the team that issued the Fintech Law and developed the National Financial Inclusion Policy. She also worked in the Office of Economic Advisors Cabinet of the President of Mexico.

Valerie holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor's Degree in both Economics and Political Science from ITAM, graduating with honors and receiving Honorable mention in theTlacaelel National Prize of Economics and ex ITAM Research Prize.